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  1. Honorarium - The honorarium payable to a practice trainee under a Practice Training Contract with our firm will range from $1,500.00 to $1,800.00 per month. No CPF is payable.
  2. Attendance - Trainee’s attendance and hours kept will be recorded daily.
  3. Working Hours - Trainees are required to work from Mon. – Fri. 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Lunch hour is between 1.00 p.m. – 2.00 p.m.
  4. Leave - Trainees are not entitled to non-medical leave during training. A medical certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner must support all medical leave. This must be attached to a Leave Application Form.

  1. Interview clients/ Taking Instructions
  2. Law on duty of confidentiality owed to clients
  3. Proper handling of clients' funds
  4. Drafting simple contract
  5. Drafting letters of demand & general correspondence
  6. Drafting Deed Polls, simple Powers of Attorney and Statutory Declarations
  7. Conducting negotiations
  8. Carrying out Legal research including use of on-line resources / Preparing Legal Opinion
  9. Guidance on Legal Profession (Professional Conduct Rules) including conduct towards and in relation to judicial officers, court staff, clients, witnesses, opponents and other third parties, guidance on implications of 'Without Prejudice' negotiations/communications, conduct in conferences, avoiding pitfalls of conflicts of interest situations, solicitors’ lien over clients’ papers and matters of etiquette including attire, modes of address and dealing with situations if late for Court or a conference
  10. Receive instructions on or reviewing/monitoring of file

  1. Familiarisation with various pre-action Protocols
  2. Taking instructions and statements from accident victims
  3. Drafting Writ of Summons & Statement of Claim
  4. Quantification of claims
  5. Preparing application for interim payment & supporting Affidavit
  6. Preparing List of Documents & Verifying Affidavit
  7. Attending Inspection of Documents
  8. Drafting Affidavit of Evidence In Chief
  9. Preparing Bundle of Documents
  10. Drafting Order of Court
  11. Drafting Interlocutory and Final Judgments and written submissions
  12. Conducting negotiations/advising settlement for litigation claims
  13. Coaching on advocacy skills
  14. Assistance in preparing for trial/ hearing of application
  15. Attendance at a hearing of application/trial

  1. Drafting letters of demand
  2. Preparing Writ of Summons
  3. Drafting O 14 application + Accompanying Affidavit
  4. Preparing Summons for Directions
  5. Preparing pleadings
  6. Preparing an application for Substituted Service
  7. Preparing an Affidavit of Service
  8. Preparing an Interlocutory application (SIC & Affidavit)
  9. Preparing List of Documents & Verifying Affidavit
  10. Attending Inspection of Documents
  11. Drafting Affidavit of Evidence In Chief
  12. Preparing Bundle of Documents
  13. Drafting Order of Court
  14. Drafting Judgment
  15. Drafting Garnishee applications
  16. Drafting cause papers for Writ of Seizure & Sale
  17. Assisting in preparation of Interlocutory applications/hearings at trials/assessment of damages/ taxation proceedings
  18. Conducting negotiations/advising settlement for litigation claims
  19. Coaching on advocacy skills

  1. Drafting papers for Divorce
  2. Drafting papers for Adoption
  3. Preparing Bills Of Costs
  4. Applying for Protection Orders
  5. Applications for Maintenance/variation of maintenance orders
  6. Drafting Affidavits for ancillary matters
  7. Observing matrimonial proceedings/hearings at Family Court

  1. Perusing/drafting wills
  2. Perusing/drafting letters to banks & other institutions on assets of the deceased
  3. Drafting Originating Summons for Grant of Letters of Administration and Grant of Probate
  4. Drafting Renunciation, Statement for Letters of Administration/Probate
  5. Drafting Administration Oath
  6. Drafting Supporting Affidavit/Supplementary Affidavit with Schedule of Assets
  7. Drafting Affidavit of foreign solicitor on foreign law for foreign domiciled deceased
  8. Drafting application to dispense with sureties to Administration Bond + Affidavit + Consent to dispense with such sureties
  9. Drafting Administration Bond
  10. Observing probate proceedings/hearings

  1. Drafting Tenancy Agreements/Leases for residential and commercial properties
  2. Drafting Writ and Statement of Claim claiming for possession
  3. Drafting Writ of Distress
  4. Drafting application for leave to issue Writ of Possession + Affidavit
  5. Drafting Writ of Possession

  1. Drafting Letter of Representation to Attorney-General's Chambers
  2. Drafting Mitigation Plea
  3. Research issue related to criminal law
  4. Prepare written submissions for use in court
  5. Observing hearings at criminal trials/pleas for mitigation

  1. Drafting commercial agreements such as simple loan contracts & guarantees, agreements for sale and purchase of business/ shares, partnership agreement/ shareholders agreement etc.
  2. Attending and taking down minutes of meeting
  3. Drafting Resolutions
  4. Preparing Notices / Agenda for Board/ General meeting
  5. Research company law including on-line resources /commercial law related issue
  6. Guidance on proper use of precedents
  7. Guidance on conducting due diligence
  8. Assistance in a commercial/corporate transaction

  1. Drafting Originating Summons and Affidavits and other cause papers for Bankruptcy Proceedings
  2. Drafting Originating Summons and Affidavits and other cause papers for Winding Up Proceedings

  1. Drafting Letter of Appointment
  2. Drafting formal Employment Agreement
  3. Drafting Employment Bonds/ Undertakings for Confidentiality, IP rights
  4. Observing mediation proceedings/hearings at Labour Court

  1. Trade mark searches
  2. Drafting applications & submissions to Intellectual Property Office of Singapore
  3. Drafting statutory declaration to override any objections from IPOS/opposition to registration of trade mark/registered design
  4. Drafting Notice of Opposition
  5. Drafting Deed of Assignment of trade mark/registered design
  6. Infringement proceedings

Training Program
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Accident and Personal Injury Claims
Civil & Commercial Litigation
Family Law
Wills, Probate & Administration
  Of Estates
Landlord & Tenant Law
Criminal Law
Company & Commercial Law
Bankruptcy & Insolvency
Employment Law
Intellectual Property