About Us


The firm was established since 2016 to take over the practice and business of its predecessor that was founded in 2002. With a humble beginnings, we have grown to be one of Singapore’s trusted law firms.

We are multi-disciplinary law firm providing a full range of comprehensive and integrated legal services that is essential in today’s challenging environment in order to meet the unique needs of our individual clients. We are well connected to law firms in various cities globally and are affiliated to law firms in Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Our philosophy is based on a belief that fostering relationship with you always comes first because we perform at our best when we work among friends and families, and so we are keen to become one of yours.

We are dedicated to listen to you to understand your needs and empathise with your situation. It is our passion to have a commitment to deliver a quality of service of the highest level, with professionalism and at the same time assuring your success.